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Be Your Own Dang Valentine!

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Today, I want you to be your *own* dang valentine! 💘

The reality is, SO many of us spend our time in service of others, and it’s incredibly easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Whether it’s a stressful season in life, or just a stressful Monday, we can all use a little reminder to love ourselves a bit more.


So, what does self-care look like?

Well, it often means that we have to get over feelings of guilt for taking time to be selfish with things like our food choices, our movement choices, and saying “no” to that thing we’d love to do, but is literally TOO MUCH for our schedule. One person can’t do everything, and if we try, it’s crazy how quickly that can catch up to us. For me, I notice when I’ve neglected self-care either when I get sick (seemingly “out of the blue”), or I wind up in the midst of an eczema flare. These are telltale signs for me that I’ve overdone it, and 9 times out of 10, if I go back and look at my planner in the weeks leading up to that illness or flare, the pages are FULL. Because, here’s the thing: if you push yourself to that point, and wind up sick (or maybe you suffer with an autoimmune condition, too), and it knocks you out for days or weeks at a time, you physically CAN’T be there for the people who need you in the healthiest way possible. So, focus on that self-care, gosh darnit! ❤️ This Valentine’s Day, do what it takes to love yourself first, so you can show up in the best way for everyone else you love. Note: If you’re struggling with figuring out how to make self-care a part of your routine, I can help! As a certified health coach, I help folks set realistic goals with compassion and grace – for all the components of wellness, self-care included. If you’re interested in getting that extra support, sign up for a one-on-one coaching session, or join my online community to connect with others looking to make a change right alongside you. You've got this!

This video was also shared via my Instagram account, @getrealwithamanda.


Blog post cover image credit: on Unsplash

Originally published February 14, 2019


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