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Nutrient Scavenger Hunt | Fall 2019

Course Description: Ever been told a particular nutrient was important, but had no idea where to find it....other than in the vitamin section at the grocery store? Or maybe you’ve looked at a multivitamin and thought, “But can’t I just get these things from the food I eat?” In this wellness workshop, we’ll discuss some key vitamins and minerals for optimal health, and where we can find them in real, whole foods. Let the Nutrient Scavenger Hunt begin!


Resources & Links | September 26, 2019

Below you'll find links to all of the resources I used to compile the information for our session. If you want to dive deeper into any particular nutrient, or common nutrient deficiencies overall, you'll find that information here.

Remember that if you suspect that you may have a nutrient deficiency, you should *always* check in with a medical professional to ensure you receive the proper testing, care, and care plan to address it.


Common Nutrient Deficiencies





Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin D2 in Mushrooms: it depends on the mushroom, and has to do with whether or not the mushrooms are exposed to daylight, or UV light.

Vitamin B12


Cover image photo by @ellladee on Unsplash

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