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Healthy Habits That Stick | Spring 2020

Course Description: We’re into the New Year, and many of us have probably decided to tackle a resolution or two. How is it going? Has it been a struggle sticking to it, and you’re not sure why? You’re not alone! In this workshop, we’ll dive deeper into the reasons why this can happen. We’ll work to pinpoint your goals, gain new insights into harnessing your personality type, discover actionable steps to overcome once-problematic pitfalls, and develop realistic goals to help you create healthy habits that stick!


Resources & Links | February 13, 2019

Presentation Extras

Here's a direct link to Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies quiz, so you can find out for sure - are you an Upholder, an Obliger, a Questioner, or a Rebel?

A few of you mentioned looking for tips to support healthy sleep and sleep habits. I've compiled a ton of resources in this companion post to a workshop I hosted last year. Enjoy!


In this section you'll find links to several of the books we discussed, available on Amazon.

Free Downloads

Finally, click the link below to download a copy of the Daily Tracker printout. It's a single page that can be printed as many times as needed. This can be an incredible resource for your own wellness tracking, as well as to share with your practitioner or health coach. Tracking is one of the most important components in learning what's working - or not working - for you and your body.


Interested in hosting this wellness workshop at your gym or workplace?I'd love to connect with you! Contact me directly to learn more.


Notice of Disclosure: Amanda Behrens / Real Food Store Tours, LLC is a member of the Amazon Associates affiliate program, as well as an affiliate of Kasandrinos, LLC. As such, please note that if you purchase an item via a link from this page, I may receive a small commission on your purchase, which helps support the work I do. Thanks in advance for your purchase! 


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