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Managing Movement | Get Real Wellness Program

This post is to support members of Anne Arundel Community College's Get Real Wellness Program & Accountability Group. Below you'll find links and resources related to our third in-person meeting, dedicated to building a better plate.

Module Description: Movement doesn’t have to mean “go to the gym”. We’ll talk about creating a movement plan that fits your needs and schedule, that leaves you feeling strong and energized, not zonked and flattened.

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Resources & Links | August 28, 2019

Movement Ideas & Examples of Proper Form

Movement Tools & Equipment

  • Resistance Bands | Keep one of these at home, and one tucked in a desk drawer for easy access to resistance exercises. Regular resistance training improves muscle strength and bone health. Linked above is an example from Five Below in Medium. They will likely have Light through Heavy options available.

Food & Fitness

  • Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook of On-the-Go Food for Athletes | "Quick and easy recipes for athletes, beautiful full-color photographs of every dish, complete nutrition data, tips on why these are the best foods for athletes, and time-saving ways on how to cook real food every day."

  • We discussed various food-related aspects of fitness, and one thing that came up was a substitute for garlic/onion flavors that can be gentler on the digestive system of some folks. It's called "asafetida" or "asafoetida", and can be found on Amazon. Click here for examples.


Interested in hosting a similar program at your gym or workplace?

I'd love to connect with you! Contact me directly to learn more.


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Sep 23, 2021

This was great to read, thanks

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Amanda Behrens
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Thanks for reading, Hillary!

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