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Deciphering Different Diets

Course Description: Once upon a time, the word “diet” simply indicated a way of eating. Today, it’s become wrapped up in a swirl of negativity and unhealthy mindsets. Let’s change that! In this workshop, we’ll talk about different ways of eating, and deciphering those diets. Curious about Gluten-Free? Paleo? Vegetarian? Keto? You’ll learn what each of these diets really is, and how to pursue them in a healthful way that makes sense to you. Bring your questions! This will be part presentation, part discussion. Let’s learn together!


Resources & Links | December 6, 2018

Presentation Extras

We chatted briefly about B12, its effects, and working with a practitioner for more support. Below are a few resources and articles that might be helpful if you'd like to learn more!

Free Downloads


I added some extra keto books to the list, since that's such a hot topic right now! These are all authors who have points-of-view I currently trust, and who address keto with a balanced, holistic, real food perspective. Enjoy!

Websites & Articles

Blogs & Recipes


Real Food Favorites

  • Balanced Bites Spice Blends | We didn't talk about these in our workshop, but I'm leaving them up because they make preparing real food SO easy, which can help with the transition to *whatever* diet you choose. Happy cooking!


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