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New Diet or Lifestyle Not Working? Try This!

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This week, we’re looking at new ways of approaching a diet or lifestyle that may not be working for you.

I wanted to address this on the heels of last week’s “Keto Curious” video and post, because if you’re someone who decided to try keto with the new year (possibly after reviewing some of the considerations and resources I shared), these tips might just help you further!

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Let’s dive into our video…


If your new diet or lifestyle is giving you some trouble, I can help!

“95% of diets fail.” We’ve all heard this before, haven’t we? While it’s difficult to locate the exact source of that statistic, it rings true for so many of us. Whether it’s something we’ve tried ourselves, or something undertaken by a friend, family member, or coworker, we can probably recall a time (or many times) when a new diet or lifestyle didn’t work, and we walked away from it. Maybe we weren’t even sure exactly *what* was going on, we just knew we didn’t feel great overall, decided it wasn’t right for us, and moved on… Or went back to what we were doing before, for better or worse. But here’s the thing: how DO we know if a new diet or lifestyle is working for us (or not)? Or if what we’re experiencing is actually a transitionary phase of that new lifestyle, versus a hard “no” from the body to leave it behind? If you’ve had these questions before, the four points in the above video will help you out! Remember, health is a journey, and it’s what you learn throughout the course of that journey that’s important. Incredibly important, in fact. Give yourself time, and keep track of how it’s all going. Work with a knowledgeable practitioner, and don’t forget to trust your own gut along the way! Note: If you’re already working with a practitioner, but need a little *extra* support to achieve your wellness goals, or are struggling to incorporate them into your day-to-day, send me an email! I offer one-on-one coaching both in-person and via phone or Skype.


NEXT UP | A little motivation.

This quote has been with me for a long time now, and it’s what I continually come back to when I’m working through something. From hormonal acne issues, to eczema flares, to wanting to expand my health coaching business, this is constantly in my head, mantra-style.

That’s what I love about it; it applies to *so* many things. Whether it’s a health challenge, skin issues, weight loss, a business struggle… Whatever you’re going through, remember: things happen for a reason, they take time, and through that time, you’ll grow into the person you need to be to thrive beyond it.

Trust your journey, do the work, and know that you are creating something amazing along the way.

Also shared via my Instagram account, @getrealwithamanda.


LASTLY | Friday Favorite

If you’re stuck in a wellness rut, go listen to (and follow!) The Balanced Bites Podcast!

I’ve been tuning in since 2013, and there are now NEARLY 400 EPISODES you can listen to!

Hosted by Holistic Nutrition Consultant Diane Sanfilippo, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Liz Wolfe, you’ll find answers and support for so many health challenges you might be facing. Week to week, they answer listener questions, chat with leading health and wellness experts, and share insights into how to live a more balanced life.

Diane is never afraid to ask the hard questions – whether to listeners writing in, or to the guests that come on the show; while Liz consistently offers a perspective based in self-love, and giving yourself grace.

Their podcast has taught me *so* much, and was a huge springboard in my own health coaching career. It was from listening to The Balanced Bites Podcast that I buckled down and started this blog; that my love of nutrition and holistic wellness grew; and that I ultimately went back to school to get the education to launch my very own business.

Small things can lead to incredible changes in our lives. What’s one small thing that led to something BIG in *your* life? Share in the comments below!


Blog post cover image credit: Rezel Apacionado on Unsplash


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