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private coaching

Ready to get real about your wellness goals? I'm here to help!

When was the last time you thought about your wellness story? What does it look like now? How do you want it to look?


Maybe you've found it challenging to set health goals in the past, or felt disconnected or unmotivated because there was no one else in your corner, ready to cheer you on when things got tough.


Maybe you've been completely inundated with a flood of diet culture pressure and toxic positivity, when all you really wanted was a little extra accountability and a friendly nudge in the right direction.

Maybe you're ready to tell a new story!


The story of a real person – busy with work and life! – who has new strategies for healthful eating and grocery shopping; who incorporates mindful movement into their day; who sleeps better and wakes up feeling rested and recharged!

As your health coach, we'll:


• Design a coaching plan that’s unique to *you*

• Establish your personal goals

• Talk through successes and challenges

• Celebrate wins

• Create strategies to overcome obstacles

• And so much more!

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I offer both ongoing coaching sessions for accountability and support, and personalized virtual grocery store tours to empower you to eat more healthfully. 

For either path, the goal is to initiate meaningful, realistic shifts in choices and habits that make sense for you. You are in control of this journey, and we work together to get you where you want to go.

Which path resonates with you?

One-on-One Coaching

Virtual Grocery Store Tours

Perhaps a practitioner has told you to eat more fruits and vegetables, get more sleep, or move more – but you don't know how to make this a day-to-day reality.


Together, we set the foundation for long term success, developing an individualized coaching plan with actionable steps to empower you on your journey.

If you've struggled in the past to set and meet your wellness goals, one-on-one coaching is an excellent way to get the support and accountability you need to reach them.

The program we design is built on what works for you and what doesn't. You're the captain of this ship!

Each coaching session is tailored uniquely to you. We'll focus on what's most important to you, define your why, and harness new tools for sustainable change.

Sessions start at $25 per 30-minute call.

Perhaps you've walked into a grocery store recently (or been ordering your groceries online) and felt completely overwhelmed by all the choices and options.


You want to eat more healthfully, but at every turn there's another wild health claim or ingredient screaming out at you from the package. How do you choose?!

In a world of conflicting nutrition information, weird food additives, and over-eager health claims, my superpower is helping you discover where the REAL FOOD is hiding!

Together, we'll find the foods that support your goals and your body, and make grocery shopping fun again!

This 3-part program includes a 30-minute coaching call to discuss your goals, a 45-minute virtual store tour, and a 15-minute follow-up call to check in on your progress.

The cost of this program is $100 and includes my ebook.

Your Path

Whichever path you choose, my role is to help you sift through the overwhelm, and provide the support and accountability you need to move forward with actionable steps to keep you headed in *your* right direction.

Ready to write your new wellness story? I've got your back!


Click the button below to get started 🙌

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