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Image by Kim Daniels

hey there, friend!

Looking for tasty gluten-free eats and more?


Well, hello! I'm Amanda!

Since 2017, I've been running a small wellness practice as a Certified Health Coach.

I came here by way of my own need to be gluten-free, and I learned so much along the way – including building up a fun stockpile of my own recipes! I wanted to share it all!


Flash forward to today, years and an actual business later, and I'm finding my heart, time, and energy called beyond this business.

While I'm not totally sure where things are headed, what I do know is, I'll no longer be working as a personal coach, at least for the time being.


That said, I'm eager to re-embrace what was fun about this journey in the first place – sharing tasty recipes and other things that bring me joy.

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